The Agency


I’m Lauren! Founder & lead photographer of Elle Loft & Design. I’ve always had a creative way of storytelling and my goal is to bring that to your business.  I truly enjoy the process of learning about the inner core of what makes your brand unique and discovering ways to showcase it visually. 

This agency is seeking to elevate the most exotic and unique names in the area. Helping close the gaps in your brand identity with modern, high-quality media that aligns with your brands voice and values. 


-Liz Nickson, Copywriter

"A BIG GIGANTIC thank you to EL&D for capturing a confidence in me I never knew existed!" 

my 10 + years of experience in photography has helped many brands go from bland to BOLD.  Giving our clients  not just a photoshoot, but a transformative experience. 

Because your brand is so much more than a few photos of a product on a coffee table.

WE build Elevated brand imagry for passionate, women-led businesses 



This is where we dig into the creative dreams and goals for your brand - whether it’s needing high-level campaign media for a launch, innovative, yet evergreen website photos or scroll-stopping social media content. We’ll create a comprehensive solution tailored to meet your business's unique specialties.

Discovery call 

All the little details that make up your brand’s visual identity matter. We’ll map out how you want your brand to be visually represented in your media - from colorful mood boards and whimsical fonts to sexy textures and a kickass wardrobe.


We’re an all-encompassing agency, meaning whatever your soul desires, we’re here to make it happen. Location scouting, necessary equipment, model scouting, prop curation, hair, and makeup will all be scheduled and managed to create your vision.


Where all the planning and preparation come full circle. Shoot day is for YOU, so every second behind the camera is made to make you feel unstoppable. Take a deep breath and step into your power - You were made for this! 

Shoot day

I hit that shutter button until the memory card reads *full*. You’ll receive a library brimming with unique and personalized imagery for you to keep. I give you endless options to choose from so that you never have to scroll your phone for “that one picture” again.

Your Gallery